Development - What Others Are Doing

Have a look and see what others are doing to better develop their Associations/Clubs and make life easier. Perhaps you will find something applicable to your own circumstances that can be copied or adapted. If you have something that is in use and think it would be of benefit to others feel free to send a link for consideration.
Box Hill Reporter District CA
  • Requirements for Player Interchange, Clearance or Transfer.
    • Their comprehensive rules regulating player movement between Clubs (internal / external) and various BHRDCA competitions are contained in their "Interchange Permission" and "Permit Guidelines".
    • These are complimentary to the "BHRDCA Competition Rules" (rule 10) and other senior or junior competition rules as applicable.
  • Anklbytr Dvelopment Cricket - An introduction to team cricket.
    • These guidelines have been developed to encourage active participation in all elements of the game by all players as well as significant involvement from parents.
City of Moorabin CA
  • "Thunderstorms and Lightening".
    • Requirements in this regard can be found on page 75 (rule 9.2) of their 'Handbook & By-Laws' (left navigation pane).
Mornington Peninsula CA
  • Player Points Scheme.
    • This concept has found favour with much of metropolitan Melbourne over recent seasons proving to bring with it a range of advantages.
    • Have a look at their Senior Playing Rules (page 14, rule 18) to see how MPCA does it being one of the first in Victoria to introduce this idea to cricket.
    • The detail can be tailored to suit an individual Association's needs.